Care & Maintenance

It is very simple to care for your dipped items. Just wipe them with a damp, clean cloth.



It will no longer be necessary to oil the outside of your guns. However, you will need to continue cleaning and oiling the inside of your guns.



To protect your dipped items, avoid contact with any product that will strip paint or cause discoloration. Do not allow your dipped items to come in contact with any product that you would not use on the exterior of your car or truck.



The most common chemical that will cause discoloration to the finish of your dipped items is DEET, which is generally used in insect repellants.



Should you have any questions concerning taking proper care of your dipped items, just give us a call at 803-713-7739 or 803-243-1091.



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Our President

Our President

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Yeti Cooler

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