FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the finish on a dipped product durable?

A. Yes. The final step in Water Transfer Printing is applying clear coat to the item. This protects the film.


Q. Can you dip scopes?

A. We do dip most scopes; however, we are not responsible for any fogging that may appear on the scope lens. Scopes are dipped at OWNER'S RISK.


Q. Do you dip "Do-It-Yourself" spray camo guns?

A. Yes. If extra work is required to remove the spray camo, additional costs may be incurred.


Q. How should I ship my item to you?

A. We recommend UPS, FEDEX, or U.S. Mail. Ship items in a cardboard box. Do NOT ship by wrapping your item in brown paper only!


Q. Can you dip gun stocks made of wood?

A. Yes.


Q. What is the name of the process used in dipping?

A. WATER TRANSFER PRINTING - This is the same process used by manufacturers of archery equipment and guns.


Q. How do you take care of a dipped item?

A. Wipe the exterior with a damp, clean cloth. It is still necessary to clean and oil the inside of guns. Do not allow any product that you would not use on the exterior of your car or truck to come in contact with your dipped item.


Q. Can you dip items that have been dipped before?

A. Yes.


Q. What is the turn around time to get my dipped item back?

A. Approximately three weeks from the time we receive your item. We can do RUSH jobs; however, they do cost extra.


Q. Can you dip stainless steel?

A. Yes.

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