Shipping Instructions

CAROLINA CUSTOM CAMO is licensed by the U.S. Department of Justice - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  Our Federal Firearms License allows us to both receive and ship firearms.

All customers may ship their guns to us without any problem.  Pack your gun securely in a plain box that does not indicate the contents.  

Additionally, when shipping guns, all customers are required to provide Carolina Custom Camo with a photcopy of a current picture identification that has the customer's CORRECT home address.  

We can ONLY ship long guns directly back to the customer.  


All hand guns MUST be shipped to a Federal Firearms License Holder.


Please ship your items to be dipped to:
  Carolina Custom Camo
  428 Highway 601 South
  Lugoff, SC 29078
Our telephone numbers are 803-713-7739 and 803-243-1091.
Our FAX number is 803-713-7363.
Our Email addresses are:


All items shipped to Carolina Custom Camo must be disassembled.
               Remove/separate the barrel and stock from the receiver.
       Remove the ejector and the trigger assembly from the receiver.
       Where applicable, remove the bolt assembly from the action.
We recommend shipping all items by UPS, FEDEX, or U.S. Mail.  
Ship items in a cardboard box.  
Do NOT ship by wrapping your item in brown paper only! 
Do not indicate on the outside of the box that the
contents are guns.
 It is our company policy to insure all items shipped from Carolina Custom Camo back to our customer. The cost for this insurance will be the customer's responsibility.  Before we ship your item, we will call you to advise the total cost of shipping, as well as insurance.
Please be sure to include your order form in your package.  However, please do not include your payment information on the order form.  Upon completion of your project, we will call you and take your
payment information over the telephone. 
We don't want anyone's credit card information floating around in transit.


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